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Singer and Entrepreneur

Alexandra Monroe King aka Ali King is a 90's baby born in Los Angeles. This artistic entrepreneur was 3 when she began showcasing her talents and was featured on the classic children's show Sesame Street. Not long thereafter she snagged her first movie role in the Little Rascals.

Her obsession with music and fashion inspired her friends to call her the Music Fashionista. Her Godfather is the great Frank Sinatra and being connected to such a musical force and cultural icon since birth set a high standard for Ali's musical development. On the flipside, nothing is ever what it seems and regarding all the associated glamour and glitz Ali had this to say:

"Many people fantasize what it would feel like being famous or working in the industry but the reality is, the entertainment business is extremely demanding. Acting classes, auditions, fashion shows, blogging and just dealing with disingenuous people on the regular can be very stressful. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for the gifts of music and art they make the world so much better."

Alexandra’s love of music progressively grew throughout her teens and in 2009 at the age of 17 she released her first noteworthy song “Losing my Mind” featuring Fabolous which peaked at number 12 on the Billboard charts.

Unfortunately during the release of her single "Losing My Mind" the industry was transitioning into the current streaming model of today. Industry uncertainty at the time forced Ali to find other ways to monetize her creative expression which led her into the TV and Film space.

Ali has found success performing in TV commercials for brands such as 7Up, Twix and Chipotle and major Hollywood films such as Thunderstruck, Turbo and The Chipmunks. Fans of unique and inspiring music are going to love Ali King's debut album, MUSIC FASHIONISTA.